Every day, millions of drivers share the road with large trucks and buses. Accidents involving vehicles of such size can result in severe injuries and often death. Therefore, truck companies are required to take extra precautions when regulating their drivers on the road. Part of these precautions includes establishing “no zones.” No zones are dangerous areas around trucks or large buses where accidents are more likely to occur. In some cases, “no zones” are similar to the average car’s “blind spots” or areas in which the driver of a particular vehicle cannot see cars that have come close to them at a particular angle. Because of this decreased visibility, “no zones” are areas in which drivers on all sides should be extra cautious and do their best to avoid.

Louisville personal injury lawyers are commonly aware that a truck’s “no zone” includes: “a shallow space just in front of the truck, a tapering area behind the truck, a shallow area on the driver’s side of the truck and a large area on the passenger’s side of the truck.”

Drivers of smaller vehicles should avoid lingering in these “no zones” to reduce the risk to themselves and drivers in surrounding vehicles. Truck companies should require that their drivers are properly trained to be aware every time a vehicle enters a “no zone” so that they can make sure that vehicle moves to a safe area before attempting to turn or to change lanes.

Navigating “no zones,” and sharing crowded highways with large vehicles in general, is a high risk situation in which all drivers must hold themselves accountable for their safety and the safety of others. Unfortunately, because of the nature of these situations, accidents often occur. Should you find yourself in an accident involving the “no zone” of a truck or large vehicle, you may be entitled to damages.