When semitrailer truck drivers become aggressive behind the wheels, many people on the road are at high risk of suffering serious injuries in accidents. People who have been injured in accidents caused by aggressive truck drivers may pursue damage claims for them to possibly recover their financial loss.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) considers a driver as aggressive when he or she “commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.” In the U.S. alone, aggressive driving is considered to be one of the serious problems on the road. Truck drivers are trained and required to always practice safety precautions during operations. However, there are situations when heavy truck drivers become aggressive and operate the truck with unusual high speed rate. In Georgia trucks are required to have a speed limit of 65 mph on access roads, 55 mph on urban interstates and 70 mph on rural interstates. Truckers are required to pay fine upon excessive speeding conviction in the state.

Due to its enormous size and weight, catastrophic accident often is the aftermath of speeding heavy trucks. Families whose loved ones become victims of truck accidents caused by an aggressive speeding driver are left dealing with great financial loss. A simple funeral service is often expensive. A person who was seriously injured in such accidents may require series of medical treatments and prolonged therapy sessions to recover from his or her injuries. Though some of truck accident victims fortunately recover from their injuries, they are no longer capable of doing any kind of work for them to earn a living. At some point, trucking companies can also be liable if their drivers became aggressive and caused injuries to people when involved in accidents. Trucking companies are required by federal and state laws to follow standards in hiring drivers.