Choosing to have a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences that a woman could have. Some women have extreme difficulty with conceiving a child, no matter how much they wish they could, and when they do – they are over the moon about it. These are often the mothers who worry that their child might be born with two heads or three arms or with some kind of defect, and so take extra precautions while still in their pregnancy phase.

However, a lot of the mothers in society today are working class mothers who need to be able to make a living in order to support their lifestyle and one of the most prominent side effects of being pregnant is morning sickness. This side effect can often be treated with a simple pill – but there have been drugs on the market that have been recommended to pregnant women that have negatively affected the child in ways the mother couldn’t have imagined.

Some of the consequences are cleft palates or even congenital heart defects. These kinds of cases are always difficult to deal with as they are often emotionally charged and stressful for the family involved. It is, unfortunately, not an entirely rare circumstance. The website of Williams Kherkher points to evidence of birth defects that have been caused by the drug Zofran. This drug is often used for the same kind of sickness experienced by mothers – uncontrollable nausea and such – but for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment or radiation.

The side effects that are the consequence of this drug could have a lifelong impact on the child and the family, as it then requires medical procedures in order to correct or even just prolong the life expectancy of the child.

These procedures are costly and stressful but are legally warranted, which is why it most advisable to bring in a legal expert or a team of legal experts who are knowledgeable with the case at hand, in order for the case to be handled as sympathetically and efficiently as possible.