Trucks are some of the biggest and heaviest vehicles on the road. For that reason alone, trucks are devastating when involved in traffic accidents. Their mere size and weight is enough to seriously injure or kill someone. It becomes worse if that someone is an innocent motorist or passer by. If there is proof of recklessness and negligence such incidents may be subject to legal action.

Driver Error

Many truck accidents are caused by the truck drivers themselves, mainly because of reckless and negligent tendencies such as distracted driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, fatigue, inattention, speeding, and utter disregard of traffic rules and safety precautions.

Mechanical Defects

Even diligent truck drivers may be involved in truck accidents because of unexpected circumstances like sudden mechanical defects and malfunctions. Many of these are design and manufacturer errors, like brake defects and tire blowouts. But these things can also happen because of the fault of the truck driver or the truck company. For instance, poor maintenance of the brakes and tires may result to wear and tear.

Improper Trailer Loading

The majority of the truck’s weight is more often in the trailer, so it is very susceptible to malfunctions as well, especially if the cargo is not loaded properly or the trailer is overloaded. The trailer will have the tendency to tip or jackknife. Overloading can also cause tire blowouts, because of the tires not being able to support the weight of the trailer.

Weather and Road Conditions

Another external factor that may cause truck accidents is the weather condition, like how rain and snow may make the road more slippery and how fog can affect visibility. The condition of the road should also be taken into consideration, regardless of weather. Narrow lanes, sharp curves, and unpaved roads are just some of the hazards truckers need to look out for.